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Line Maintenance of A319/320/321

Our team is ready to provide you with the following line maintenance services in Ekaterinburg (SVX), Samara (KUF) and Chelyabinsk (CEK) airports:

  • 24/7 AOG support;
  • Troubleshooting and defect rectification;
  • Components replacement;
  • Transit/Daily/Weekly-check.

Base maintenance of A319/320/321

Ural Airlines Technics offers a wide range of base maintenance services including:

  • А-check;
  • C-check;
  • Engine/APU/LG replacement;
  • Cabin reconfiguration;
  • Modifications.

Components Maintenance

Our component maintenance shop repair and overhaul capabilities include the following groups of components:

  • Aircraft batteries;
  • Lighting systems;
  • Communication equipment;
  • Onboard kitchen equipment;
  • Proximity sensors and other.

Component Capability List

Non-destructive testing

NDT shop of Ural Airlines Technics is certified to perform inspections with the following methods:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection;
  • Eddy Current Inspection;
  • Ultrasonic Inspection;
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection.

Other services

  • Engine borescope inspection;
  • Flight data processing;
  • Engine wash;
  • Provision of hangar space;
  • Storage of material;
  • Rental of tools and ground support equipment.
  • About us

    The history of Ural Airlines maintenance and engineering department began in 1950, much has completely changed since then: company name, fleet, technologies, but not our attitude to our work.

    We are full of energy and ready to move on – our current capacity and experience allows us
    not only to satisfy maintenance needs of Ural’s fleet but also to provide
    services to third-party companies so that they can appreciate
    high-quality service of a modern MRO
    with 65 years long history.

    Maintenance and engineering department established as part of Sverdlovsk State Air Enterprices
    Set up of Ural Airlines brand
    Beginning of the largest fleet renewal in airline’s history and start of A320 family maintenance
    Launch of line maintenance stations in Moscow (DME), Samara (KUF) and Chelyabinsk (CEK)
    Opening of a new aviation technical center
  • The area of the new Aviation Technical Center corresponds to the area of a football field

    8256 м2

    In the center can be freely placed

    четыре самолета A321

    or two А321 & one А330

  • "Ural Airlines" first in Russia to use innovative design goal of synthetic fibers

    Five unrelated gate’s sections can go up in any combinations.

    • 80metres
      Gate length
    • 21metres
      Rise height of a central section
    • 12minutes
      Lift time
    • - 40   + 70
      Withstanding temperatures

    Special attention was paid to a flooring quality. It was made by using fiber reinforced concrete. That type of flooring is absolutely electrically neutral and has no impact on aircraft’s electrical systems.

  • Modern design center

    Working conditions are kept on a high level.

    It is possible because of a modern walls heat sealing construction, special thermal generators and a well-though-out fan system.

    Lightning in the hangar is regulated automatically. Using light sensors it alters LED lamps output to satisfy needs of a personnel according to the time of a day and type of a work.

  • Build unique Aviation Technical Center "Ural Airlines"

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